How to March In with Style


It’s the moment everyone at the banquet waits for. The emcee’s voice swells, the doors open, and you’re greeted with fanfare. But it’s a sight people have likely seen before. Maybe you’ve seen it a couple times yourself. At some point¬†most standard march-ins tend to look the same.

Every part of your wedding should be memorable, and your march-in is no exception. A novel entrance into the ballroom or venue is an unforgettable highlight of your day for both yourselves and those attending (it looks great on video too!). And most wedding receptions have two march-ins, so you can still have that grand fairytale march-in while pouring your creative juices into the other (we recommend the second one). Here are some ways we’ve seen couples spice up their big walk.

Bring man’s best friend

Simon Pearlyn

Having your pooch along for the ride is a memorable way to strut down the aisle, if your venue allows it. Involving your beloved pet in the festivities makes your special day that much more meaningful. Just be careful that they don’t steal the limelight!

So You Think You Can Dance

Daniel Grace dance

Got moves like Jagger? Don’t? Either way a dance-in is the perfect alternative to add colour to your reception. If they’re game enough you can also get your entourage and even your family in on the action. Whether you have two left feet or all the right moves, getting your groove on at your wedding is something you can laugh about for years to come.

Go in Singing

Shezhiyan Karen sing

If you have the gift of music, share that gift at your march-in to give some extra flair and earn brownie points with your partner. Usually the groom serenades the bride, but there’s no reason why it can’t be the other way around.


Ronney Joanne Army

This option might not be available to everyone, but if you can we absolutely recommend it! Which bride doesn’t want her man all dapper in white, walking with her beneath an arch of swords?

Do this – whatever this is

Justin Evona

We’re not entirely sure what was happening here, but it was great fun! There’s something to be said for letting loose and going completely off kilter with your wedding. If you want people to say “Oh, John? Yeah I was at his wedding. The march-in was crazy!”, do this. People will remember you forever.

Whichever march in you go for, whether it’s time-tested traditional or cool and casual or just plain wacky, know that you can relive it in all its glory with a BeyondPictures wedding film. Watch some of our work here!