Terence & Yan Ping

"We were captivated by BeyondPictures wedding films during our search for AD videography, and now that the big day is over, we are indeed privileged to have them document one of the most important day of our lives Wenkai and Joshua are great people to work with on a hectic and rigorous wedding day where things do not always go according to plan.

Both of them arrived that morning before our arranged time (in the pouring rain) to setup for the shoot and we were amazed by how well-prepared they were: lighting for a darker than expected games area due to weather conditions and even a veil when the one provided by our bridal could not be used! Wenkai was always patient and professional when directing our poses and expressions. Most of the time, we just went on with our guests' interaction and event flow without even noticing them filming.

Given the various setbacks and stiff expressions from lack of sleep, we were thinking how different our images would be from intended. Yet as we watched the same day edit midway through the banquet, we were touched by the details they've captured and the heartwarming video produced within the short period. We had high expectations for BeyondPictures and they have exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much for what you guys have done for us on our special day!"

James Wong

"Having Wenkai and team from BP for our wedding has been an absolute blast. Punctual, seamless, creative and dedicated are probably the best adjectives to describe their work, from simultaneous filming at both the groom’s and bride’s homes in the wee morning till delivery of the Same-Day Edit video during the dinner.

The absolute quality of the SDE totally blew us away. We’re sure that it isn’t an understatement to say that it was the very best SDE we had ever seen (yes, we viewed many many many during the shortlisting process and we also made it a point to be as unbiased as possible, tho we were the subjects). Of particular mention - we did an elopement in Perth and gave BP just the raw voiceovers to assimilate into the video in place of the usual solemnization footage most couples have. The way the editing team harmonized the voiceovers with the music and film captured solely on the wedding day was simply amazing.

Audience reception was overwhelmingly positive and we still tear from emotions watching the video even though it’s been more than a week. That should sum up how ridiculously good the production was. Super thumbs up to BP!"

JunLiang Ho

"I can't say it enough about how impressed we were with the team at BeyondPictures team. We worked with Wenkai and team and they were both super friendly, helpful and professional during our wedding day. They always made sure that we were relaxed and comfortable during our video shots, and were extremely knowledgeable in working the different camera angles. It was amazing to see them work so seamlessly with each other, and also with our photographer during the day.

Wenkai was also really open and flexible to help us with our one-take music video that we had planned during our wedding banquet. He gave lots of great guidance and advice, and made sure that everything was executed smoothly and successfully.

Before our wedding day, we were already very impressed with their portfolio and were excited to have them to cover our actual wedding day. But after working with them during our wedding, we were even more impressed, and found them an absolute joy to work with. Superb technical skills with great client management and service.

Genuinely wonderful people to work with. In all true honesty, having seen the work of other videography companies, I have no qualms saying that BeyondPictures is the best wedding videography company in Singapore. I would highly recommend them to everyone for their big day!"

HuiShi Wong

"We engaged Wenkai from BeyondPictures for our wedding and were thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and commitment to capturing the best images for us at our wedding.

Though we only met up once prior to our actual day to discuss the key things we wanted to be able to capture during our wedding day, Wenkai not on captured these moments and emotions perfectly, but also through unique perspectives which made our SDE both funny and touching at the same time.

The team also remained patient and dedicated throughout the day, despite the sweltering heat and going slighly off-schedule sometimes due to the demands of the wedding. Even during the dinner when part of the decor came down on top of him during one of the performances due to another vendor's shoddy work, Wenkai did not move an inch from where he was standing as he was focused only on capturing the best images for our wedding.Elvin & I are truly blessed and deeply grateful to have Wenkai and the BeyondPictures team as our videographers for our wedding day and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional and dedicated wedding videographer. Thank you!!! "

Yvonne Tang

"It is indeed our blessing to have Wenkai and Theresa from BeyondPictures as our Videographer for our wedding. They were simply outstanding; we were more than impressed by the final morning highlights video and more importantly, the professional and personal way they engage with us, our families and our wedding crew.

Throughout our wedding day, they were sensitive to our needs, and observant about how we function as a couple on a day-to-day basis. Wenkai and team were also very proactive in engaging with our parents, and the brothers’ and sisters’ crew; we have heard nothing but strong praises of them from our closed ones. In addition, we could easily observe how they work so collaboratively and effectively with our other vendors to make the whole day so seamless.

Furthermore, while there were hiccups here and there as with every other wedding, Wenkai and team were composed, providing assurance for both of us. We also had the privilege to watch the Morning Highlights video with all our guests, and were more than happy and satisfied that they have not only captured the key essences of the day’s proceedings, but also impeccably represented how we were feeling throughout the course of the day. A truly outstanding leader in Wenkai, and exceptional work ethic from the entire BeyondPictures team. Without a doubt, will definitely recommend BeyondPictures to others for their weddings. Thanks Wenkai and team, and again, we are truly blessed and privileged that you could be part of our joyous celebration. "

Vanessa Hang

"We worked with Wenkai and team for our AD videography and we were thoroughly impressed with the quality of videos and work ethics. Even though our schedule for wedding lunch was extremely tight, the same day express highlights far exceeded our expectations and when we watched from the back of the ballroom... The storytelling was done so well that the video made us tear with emotions (': it felt authentic and it felt 'us'. Wenkai and team are extremely experienced with shooting on their feet, being able to adapt to situations and making the best use of the environment to their advantage. Think that's a very important quality to have for wedding videography. We are so glad to have worked with them and we would definitely recommend them to our couple friends!"

Gu Weixiang

"Wenkai and his team did an amazing job capturing our wedding day! The videos were awesome, especially the same day edits! We really enjoyed the pre-wedding snippets too, it was such a pleasant and fun time filming with Wenkai and his team! Getting a videographer for our wedding turned out to be so important because we were very busy on the day itself and the only way to recount what happened was to watch our videos. Look no further than Beyond Pictures! I highly recommend getting Wenkai, you won’t regret it!"

Katherine Yang

"Wenkai was very prompt and went the extra mile to record both our VO separately in order in order to surprise both parties. All our friends and family loved the morning highlights that was prepared, with every heartwarming bits. Needless to say, it warmed all our hearts and brought very touching moments that we will always remember.

He and his team were both very easygoing, accommodating and thorough to ensure that we both received the best footage that could bring us back memories to our special day. I would totally recommend Wenkai to all the couples out there, and I have zero regret in doing so. Looking forward to our final video documentary already!

Thank you guys!"

Tan Sing Nan

"We picked BeyondPictures as our wedding videographer because (1) we found its productions endearing, heartwarming, and very well arranged from start to end; (2) Wen Kai struck us as very experienced, talented, yet sincere and down-to-earth. Beyond exceeded our expectations on every count on the wedding day. Although my wife and I are both rather shy, our video turned out beautiful and natural. Our guests were really impressed, and touched too by our video.Choosing BeyondPictures was one of the best decisions we had made as a keepsake for our big day. Really grateful to Wen Kai and team for making our wedding ever so memorable. Thank you!"

Estelle Yeak

"Delivered Beyond expectations! The filmography was fantastic, Wenkai never failed to make everyone feel comfortable in front of his camera and the same day edit that I received was nothing short of fantastic! I was so surprised to see footage that must have been taken maybe 1-2hours before playing the video?!

He even makes time when he happened to be available to attend our wedding rehearsal and provided amazing advice for our march in! service 10/10 and my guests loved him he felt like a natural part of the crowd"

Jack & Beatrice

"Jack and I engaged Wenkai and his team as our videographers for our wedding on 15-July 2017 and this is the best decision we have made.

They were very professional, rich in experience, enthusiastic and willing to go the extra miles to accomodate all our requests. Their attention to details in terms of trying to understand our character and match it with the scenes and the song really made us feel secured and satisfied.

The same day edit video developed by the team exceeded our expectations and our guests were extremely impressed by their work and commented that the video is on point in capturing the special moments.Thank you very much Wenkai and team for capturing our special day beautifully and not forgetting the friendship forged during this journey. Double thumbs up!"

Aaron Lam

"On behalf of Charlotte Lim, I’d like to thank Wen Kai and the rest of the Beyond Pictures team for capturing the highlights of our wedding! Charlotte and I are very impressed by how the speeches, and the audiences being addressed were all filmed and pieced together to create an upbeat sentimental video. I love the songs that were selected and how you chose the scenes of the wedding to flow with the rhythm of the music. Being an amateur video editor myself, I can really appreciate the hard work, creativity and professionalism that you and your team has put into the production. This videography will definitely be one that Charlotte and I will cherish for the rest of our lives."

PeiShan Goh

"Wenkai and Team are beyond amazing. They were really sincere and helpful throughout our wedding day in early May, and went beyond their roles as the videographers of our wedding. We also appreciate the team's extra effort in rushing out our same day edit to be shown during the dinner banquet even though our solemnisation took place quite late in the evening.

Wenkai himself is really engaging and reassuring, and our session with him a few days before the wedding helped us a lot and really put us at ease as to what to expect during the wedding day.

We also love it that Beyondpictures places emphasis on capturing raw and true emotions, and in particular, our vows. We would like to thank Beyondpictures for the professionalism and the lovely same day edit, and we're also glad to have become friends with Wenkai throughout this process"

PraVeen Kumar Daniel

"Sonaal and I, along with our family are absolutely in love with the wedding film that Wenkai has created for us! That is truly the greatest understatement to say the least. He captured every special moment of the wedding and moreover he captured those that we never even expected to be captured! The hugs, simple thumbs ups or smiles and tears of joy that he captured are absolutely beautiful!

We wanted something that was candid, personal and one which did not merely focus on the cultural bit and he has done just that and its absolutely beautiful! The wedding film has been running on repeat and it is truly something that we will treasure forever!https://youtu.be/OU4Sfds71RAWe cannot thank him enough for his patience from the start till the end! He was truly professional and yet personal at the same time! You can never go wrong with BeyondPictures Singapore! Thank you so much!"

Sherilyn Lim

"I was blown away by the same-edits video when it was shown during my wedding banquet dinner. I love how smoothly it flowed as well as the beautiful song that accompanied it, along with the amazing cinematography and colours. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a videographer. Thank you for the hard work, Andy and I really appreciate it"

Amanda Ong

"We absolutely love the work done by Wenkai & team and they are truly amazing! Special thanks to Wenkai that he is taking extra mile to understand us and provide a guided yet not cheesy way of filming session, everything just fall in place nicely with nice background song. Great job!"

Hui Jin, Natasha

"The films produced by Beyond Pictures have always struck us as honest and moving, with a sincere and genuine style that most attracted us when we were looking for a videography team to document our wedding day. Their films encompass a perfect balance of capturing important details and key heartfelt moments of the day, together with neat cinematography tricks that made each video unique.

The team at Beyond Pictures was a great pleasure to work with - Wenkai and Teresa who met us at the studio, and our videographer, Joshua who put us at ease from the beginning of the big day. They were not only professional and experienced but also incredibly friendly, always offering guidance and advice on our hectic wedding day. They worked seamlessly with each other to get the required shots while consciously minimising disruptions to the flow of the programme. Although they have filmed so many other couples and weddings, our video still felt truly special and personal and we are really grateful to have worked with them"

Priscilla Gan

"Benjamin & I would like to send our heartfelt thanks to Wenkai & his team. They were extremely professional and dedicated in getting good shots for the video, which turned out beautifully! The shots were stitched together and weaved seamlessly to capture the day’s emotions perfectly. It was like watching our very own movie and we absolutely loved it! Would highly recommend Beyond Pictures to anyone looking for a videographer!"

Ivan Ng

"Engaging Wen Kai and team as our videographers was the best decision made for our wedding. Wen Kai and team are very professional and easy to work with. They filmed and portrayed us in our most natural manners. There were no stress on us because they were able to capture us in the most beautiful and natural moments, without having us to act in a scripted manner. Wen Kai and team would consider the dynamics between the couples and match with suitable songs for the best results.

The Morning Highlights video was the best part of all! All our guests and us were extremely pleased and happy with the video! Many of them gave a loud "Wow!" when they saw the video and it exceeded way above our expectations. We didn't have any gatecrash but Wen Kai & team created a touching and lovely video with only our speeches and morning snippets.

There is no doubt about the unparalleled quality produced by BeyondPictures. You will be amazed by the creativity and hard work of Wen Kai and his team. We can vouch for the credentials of BeyondPictures! If you are considering BeyondPictures, speak to Wen Kai and you will be convinced by the quality of his portfolios. Wen Kai and team, thank you for being a part of our Big Day last month!"

Foo Ji-Shen

"Charlene and I first experienced the work of BeyondPictures at my sister's wedding back in 2016. The video was impressionable and had stirred the emotions of many watching it that day. Fast forward to 2018 when we were planning our wedding, Charlene and I met up with Wenkai and were convinced by his passion to engage him for our AD. Leading to the AD, Wenkai kept in touch with us, gave us updates and also suggestions for our AD schedule.

On the AD (12th Jan 19), Wenkai and team were very professional. They were patient, assuring and calm throughout the long day and in the midst of all chaos and scrambles, they managed to capture many beautiful moments. When the highlights was played during the banquet, we were once again impressed by the quality and cinematic of the video. Many of our friends who were not present during the morning gate crash and solemnization said they could feel the emotions as though they were there. We will like to thank Wenkai and his team for the wonderful service and the Magical Moments: Captured Forever.

We highly recommend BeyondPictures to all couples planning their wedding."

Jason Chiong

"Just want to say a big thank you to Wenkai, Teresa and the crews from BeyondPictures who have played a big part in making the wedding of Grace and I a memorable one. The team is professional, came well-prepared with great ideas yet able to blend their style according to flow of events and also adapt to what Grace and I desire.

BeyondPictures have exemplified a combination of good directing and remarkable production capabilities and the whole team was a pleasure to work with. We are sure the ethos of the team will continue to drive even better productions and create more wonderful memories for future couples."

Sally Tan

"Beyond Pictures is truly a videography company that delivers beyond expectations.We first saw Beyond Pictures’ work products at a few friends’ wedding. We were impressed by how the videos were very different from typical, very chronological wedding videos. When we engaged Beyond Pictures, Wenkai and team proved to be even more than their wonderful videos. As Wenkai was already engaged for a wedding lunch on my AD, Joshua shot my morning gatecrash and tea ceremony. Joshua turned up early for the morning! They were both professional and had a great eye for catching beautiful angles. When I caught glimpses of myself on the morning highlights, I was genuinely surprised that I could look so pretty!!

Wenkai then took over for the evening. He is the most genuine videographer I’ve ever met. Before the AD, he gave me a call to suggest that my husband and I write a letter to each other so that he could get more content for the morning highlights as my husband and I had already completed our ROM awhile back. The letter writing proved to be a very memorable moment for my husband and I as it invoked plenty of emotions as we both took a walk down memory lane. Wenkai is truly a videographer who shoots with his heart and I would recommend whoever is planning for their wedding to consider engaging Beyond Pictures. Thank you Beyond Pictures and thank you Wenkai. We’re blessed to have you be part of our wedding "

Yiling Ho

"Wenkai and team really knew what they were doing. They guided us on the wedding day with a patience that even our wedding entourage noticed and commended, and Wenkai has such a calming presence that contrasted with the madness around the wedding day. They paid attention to details and beautifully worked them into our highlights. They also impressed us with their interpretation of our engagement ring and wedding bands. The team took every effort to ensure a great delivery, and even went to our venue for several site recce on their own accord. Their editor was also efficient in delivering the on-site edit (Pro tip: For best results - Trust the editor and leave him/ her alone to do your on-site edit ). We are really satisfied with BeyondPictures and are looking forward to our documentary film! "

Charlotte Lim

"Just got married on 15th Feb 19! last year, I spend a lot of time researching for videographer, looking at their works & see if they are able to deliver the “feel” i was looking for. Initially my husband was skeptical & he felt that there wasn’t a need for a videographer. But ladies & gentlemen, some moments like vows cant be captured in photos! So... beyondpictures is the best choice! Thank you Wenkai & team for making us so comfortable as always & entertaining my grandma as well! He was so approachable until my grandma keep asking for him , “where is wenkai ?” It was really a joy working with you & your team! We are truly blessed to have you & your team capturing moments of our big day! Our guests was so impressed by the prewed snippets and morning highlights done by them! Now my husband watch wenkai & team’s video over & over again, every single day, & i am not even exaggerating. Trust me, engage them & you will not regret your decision!

Now, we can’t wait for the final product! Yay!"

Joanna Han

"Really loved the video WenKai and team captured for our wedding day. It really captured the emotions and joy we felt through out the day and it was done very naturally! Many of our guest commented on the video and how beautifully the wedding day was captured. Thank you Wenkai and team!!"

Asher Zen Ng

"Wenkai & Teresa are brilliant from our initial meeting and throughout the entire journey. They always respond to our inquiries in a timely manner, very professional and attention to detail second to none.

Their work are impeccable! They go above and Beyond when filming to get the best angles and shots and stitch them together beautifully to make breathtaking footage. We and our guests absolutely love our stunning pre-wed video that encapsulates our personalities and really tells the story of us. We are super excited to see our actual wedding day captures of the intimacy and the essence of our relationship as well as the feelings of our special loved ones present on our wedding day!

Highly recommend BeyondPictures to anyone who would like their special occasion to be captured perfectly! "

Chris Chua

"Sze Min and I had a wonderful experience with Wen Kai and team during our wedding on 1st July. It was a pleasure having them as our videographers. They were professional, courteous and quick on the job. As a person who is camera shy, they knew how to put me at ease and it really helped that they had a friendly demeanour. The process of video-graphing did not feel scripted and everything felt quite natural!

Not sure how the same-day-video-highlights would turn out, Sze and I were pleasantly surprised to see the result! The honest truth is that Sze and I are definitely one of the more awkward couples and often cannot keep a straight face in front of the camera. But, without doubt Beyond Pictures was able to capture what we cherished the most and bring out the essence of relationship, feelings and family."

YingMin Hoe

"I want to give my heartfelt thanks to Wenkai and his team. They were amazing from start to end. Wenkai was always so approachable and gave us so much good advice. He sincerely wanted to be part of our journey and know more about us as a couple. He even turned up on our rehearsals and was so patient with us throughout. I was very touched by his dedication, passion and hard work. I would recommend him ANYDAY ANYTIME to ANYONE. Truly the best.  We thank you soooooooo much once again. Looking forward to seeing our videos soon!!"

Law BeeNee

"Just had my wedding on 10th March 2018. Engaged Beyond Pictures (Wen Kai) to be our actual day videography. Very happy with their service. Wen Kai is excellent at making us feel at ease and natural. He was also very friendly to us and our families and actually helped around with other stuff as well other than just video-graphing. They give good advices as well as there were certain aspects that we were not too familiar with ourselves. The final video highlight was put together beautifully. Thank you Beyond Pictures and Wen Kai."

Dion En

"Being someone who expects the best and nothing less, thank you Wen Kai and Team! You guys are legendary! Delivering more than expected is always a charm!"

Candice Choo de Gonzalez

"We could not have been any happier with having BeyondPictures document our wedding day and capture all the beautiful moments we didn't notice or remember since the day flew by so fast it was a blur! Our schedule was jam packed with the gate crash, tea ceremony, church wedding, drinks reception, banquet, speeches, photo booth, a live band, etc and BeyondPictures included everything in our highlight video! It was touching and beautifully done - professional cinematography and choice of music blended very well. We shared our video with family and friends who could not make our wedding and they were very impressed and even teared up for the sentimental moments! Big thanks to Wenkai and the team!"

Bryant Chiang

"Professional. Unobtrusive. Creative.We chanced upon Wenkai and his team through our online research. His online sample videos impressed us. After we met his friendly team, we immediately engaged them. First, his team was very professional. Wenkai and team were both early at the two different venues for the morning session. They were very considerate in working around our split-day schedule. They suggested alternative venues for our outdoor shoot. They always had our interests in mind. They did not cause any issues or distractions, allowing us to focus on enjoying our big day. Second, his team was always there yet never in the way. They encouraged us to be natural and to relish in the company of our loved ones. They helped us feel at ease. They gave us suggestions (not instructions). They worked well with our photographer from a different studio.

Finally, their creativity deserves mention. Rather than the usual chronological sequence in many wedding videos, our video was extremely engaging and memorable. The video was customized to our personalities and style, including the surprise song that I sang for my wife. They captured the emotions and moments from both us and our audience. We appreciate the originality, dedication and thoughtfulness that their team put into our video. I would very strongly recommend Wenkai and his team. In fact, I hope they will be available to film the upcoming wedding of my close family member in December 2018. A big heart-felt thank you for capturing the big day of our lives into lifelong memories."

Lilynne Seah

"Wenkai and the BeyondPictures Team are so amazing to be around - so quiet you don't even realise they are there; so funny you forget you are in the midst of getting married; so professional that it blows your mind away. Really amazing and heartfelt videos, great working camaraderie, very passionate and tireless dudes. The only downside is that we had to force-feed them tsktsk! Hope to see you guys really soon again!!! Can't believe we are so lucky as to secure you guys for our wedding; continue to make many more folks delighted with your beautiful work and talents."

Ken Zachary Zhou

"We are over the moon with our wedding videos, you guys are magicians! The whole day was documented and captured perfectly, yall have given us memories we will treasure forever.

Thank you so much for making our wedding day perfect and stress free, from the moment yall arrived you guys were calm and professional and just went ahead quietly blending into the background, snapping away and making us feel relaxed and enabling natural moments to be videographed. We were both really worried about posing and being awkward, but Wenkai and Teresa made us feel the complete opposite. We absolutely loved the videos especially the introduction as well as the morning highlights. We can not thank you enough for capturing our day so perfectly, we could not stop smiling/crying all day and had a perfect wedding and your skills and amazing talent have allowed us to relive the day every time we look at the videos.

Thank you and we will DEFINITELY recommend yall to everyone I know who is due to get married in the future."

Alina Chia Huiyi

"Absolutely professional in their service, dedicated and talented team. Highly recommended. Wenkai and his team worked on my proposal and actual wedding day videos. The videos were very well received by my guests and my family. More importantly, my husband and I see these videos as an important keepsake for years to come- and Wenkai's team has definitely delivered on this front.

They went out of their way to deliver on their work many times, knowing that this is an important milestone. They recced the venue in advance, knowing that the lighting could be an issue as we were holding our wedding at a bar. The results exceeded our expectations- the atmosphere and important moments were nicely captured from multiple angles- watching the video felt like we were back at our wedding again. Wenkai took the time to meet us beforehand to understand what we were looking for and any aspects of certain videography we didnt appreciate/think it was "us". Wenkai also made some edits to the video after at our request which we really appreciated. I must add that a good video is not without a good video editor behind it all- Teresa- you are truly talented at stringing all these scenes together and pairing it with the right music!All in all we are very impressed. Thanks so much Wenkai and Teresa for making our wedding and proposal so much more memorable!!"

Pamela Ng

"We wanted two main elements in our wedding video - heartwarming moments and true emotions. When I saw Wenkai’s works on Beyondpictures - I knew i had found what we wanted. From hilarious times during gatecrash, to our exchange of vows, our first march in, and moments with friends and family - they were all so beautifully captured in our same day highlights.

Wenkai and his team were very warm and friendly; and this helped to make our friends and family comfortable and able to express their emotions more naturally and readily. His attention to details and people’s feelings are truly extraordinary. The whole team was also very professional and dedicated in their work, and our same day highlights were highly praised by family and friends at our wedding. Thank you Beyondpictures for translating the feelings and moments from our special day into a love story that we can rewatch and immerse in again and again! We would highly recommend Wenkai and his team to all couples looking for someone who shoots with his heart."

Marissa Wen

"We have engaged Beyond Pictures as our AD videographer in March 2017 and I'm beyond words on how splendid they are! Every time when my husband and I watch our AD video again, we always agree that we totally have no regrets on engaging Beyond. As we are having our solemnization on the same day at 6PM, hence, we requested for a on-site editing so that those guests who are not present on the solemnization itself will be able to watch it during banquet. Initially, my husband and I are skeptical on whether if they will be able to deliver good quality video as the time frame from my ROM to my banquet is merely about 3 hours but I guess all our worries are redundant. Before our 2nd march in, we peek at the video from the March in door, and both of us were like 'WOW WOW WOW'. You totally cannot believe it is done up so nicely within such a short time frame. We got so many compliments on how professional our video was and every single details in the video is lined up so nicely. Thank you and only thank you Wen Kai and team for such a wonderful work done! Those who are looking for AD vg, you will never regret with Beyond Pictures!"

Abel Chew

"We decided to engage BeyondPictures to be part of our wedding journey after hearing good reviews from friends, colleagues and combing through tonnes of wedding montages. The first time we met Wen Kai we knew he was the right person we should be engaging as our wedding videographer. Wen Kai portrayed himself as a confident, assuring and calm person, which was what we were looking for in a videographer. Me being a picky and observant client, noticed Wen Kai taking down minutes for all the things we are looking for and the things we do not want to be part of the montage, which makes us feel that he puts in effort to the work he does. During our discussion before the actual day, he even provided recommendations on how we should go about rearranging certain portions of our timeline to better accommodate the montage.

During the actual day, Wen Kai and team were tasked to be our videographers, for once we have NEVER had to worry about anything relating to the montage as both of them are capable of capturing the right moments at the right time. We felt assured that our montage is in good hands and will turn out to be something timeless, fun and memorable. Wen Kai is also attentive to details, able to crack jokes to make the groomsmen and bridesmaids feel comfortable throughout the day and even divert our attentions so that he is able to capture our natural expressions. Both of us were looking forward to showcasing our montage to our guests and they were definitely pleased by the amount of work Wen Kai and his team was able to achieve within a short time frame. The music of the montage was awesome, something fresh and fun, happy and touching moments were captured as well and most importantly we heard our guests laughing throughout the montage. As a landscape and travel photographer myself, who realises that each photo has to be captured not with your eyes but with your heart, Wen Kai and his team are these bunch who does that and we will always recommend anyone else who would like their special moments to be captured in video to consider BeyondPictures to be a part of it. Thank you Wen Kai and team for making our wedding day a blast! We're truly blessed to have you be part of our wedding."

Larry Lee

"Wenkai and his team are really one of the best team that every couple should engage for their wedding. They shows professionalism and great enthusiasm in capturing the most natural shots for the day. They put in a lot of effort in trying to understand the couple's personalities/characters, and ensure that we are comfortable in being ourselves. They are very clear on what they want to present and provides good suggestions/advice accordingly. The video clip of the morning highlight is also done up beyond our expectations. In conclusion, they are not the usual videographer team that purely provides video-taking services. Once again, thank you Wenkai and team for the effort you had put in for our wedding!"

Stan Ng

"Wenkai and team are simply amazing. From beginning to the end, they maintained absolute professionalism while providing ease to us throughout the day. The same day edit video blew the socks off everyone at the dinner. Guests were gasping in awe at certain scenes. Wenkai and team captured the best moments of the day and compiled them into a smooth flow in a highly artistic and pleasant manner. U can watch the vid 100 times and still feel inspired by it. Simply magical. Wedding couples to be. Look no further. I have reviewed all the best videographers in SG before choosing them. Beyondpictures is up there in the big league. Choose them and it will be one of your best decision of all your 101 other wedding planning decisions."

Deborah Tan

"BeyondPictures were our wedding videographers over the weekend. I was initially attracted to the work of Beyond Pictures from watching their past works, which i felt captured emotions and the little details extremely well, coupled with the fact that they knew how to frame a scene beautifully in terms of composition and colour to make for an aesthetically pleasing film as well.

We met up just once, many months before our wedding to 'secure the deal', had just a telephone coversation 3 days prior to the wedding to run through the itinerary and next met on the actual day of the wedding. And that was more than enough! They really don't need much direction or instructions at all.

The are just the most sincere, humble and friendly people you will meet. They arrived very punctually - One even arrived at 6.30am (before the groom was awake!) even though the arranged time was 7am and again arrived early for the dinner banquet! They have a sense of wonder and try to see the best in every couple they shoot, and make you feel very comfortable around them.Our morning highlights were screened during the dinner and we must say it was really beautifully done, with a good mix of the serious/touching parts and humour. My husband, who initially didn't feel a videographer was necessary in the first place, ended up loving the video even more than me and has watched it countless times much more than me! Wenkai has a great eye to capture impactful moments and precious memories, and anyone who engages them can be confident that they will only deliver work of exceptional quality. "

Erika Yap

"My husband and I got to know of BeyondPictures at an old friend's wedding in 2014. We thoroughly enjoyed their end products of other couples and decided to engage them for our wedding. The team behind the scenes was extremely prompt and stepped in to assist us when we ran into administrative hiccups.They are very friendly which calmed our nerves on our wedding day. They offered to come in 30 minutes early for each session to have a look for various possible angles to shoot. They are also clear in what kind of takes they wanted, which also came with clear instructions. As a bride with high tendencies to blank out on my wedding day, I couldn't help but observe good working relations they had with my photographer, who they had never worked with before.At our wedding banquet, my husband and I , along with our guests, enjoyed the SDE very much. Thank you very much, BeyondPictures! Kudos to a wonderful job done!"

Xiangwei & Jochebed

"We engaged BeyondPictures for their videography on our actual day, and it was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding.

Wenkai and Teresa were very efficient in helping us to secure our booking even though we only confirmed really near to our wedding date. Despite being a short notice, both of them were extremely accommodating and went the extra mile to fulfil our requests.The video (SDE) was very well done and we really love it! Some of our friends even asked for a copy after the wedding. We re-watched it a couple of times and felt it truly captured the precious moments and behind-the-scenes memories of our special day. To engage them for their videography services is truly one of our best decisions ever for our wedding. After all the hard work placed in planning your special day, nothing feels better than knowing these precious moments will be captured by your trusted team. We have nothing but full of praises for this incredibly outstanding team. Thank you Teresa and Wenkai for the great service and works, and we are sure BeyondPictures will continue to capture more beautiful moments."

Shang Hui Chia

"Wen Kai covered both our garden solemnization and wedding lunch banquet. They’ve been simply amazing from day one, to understand our wish for our dogs to be a big part of the video, to designing a custom package that would meet our needs. Throughout the shoots, they were there to offer direction without being intrusive, and we cannot be happier with the final product. We received so many compliments on the video and we would definitely recommend them to capture your special moments! Thanks Wen Kai!"

Dan Woon

"Wen Kai and his team were perfect! Thank you for joining us in our moments of laughter and joyful tears while capturing everything so beautifully. It's like Re-living the wedding every time I look at our vids! Thx! P.S. so many people who watched our our express highlights loved it and asked for your contact!! Highly recommended!! Thx for being more than a videographer! Loved it ALL!"

Soh Zi Kai

"BeyondPictures is extremely dedicated to their work. BeyondPictures work very well as a team, and they have a clear plan of how they can split the filming so that they can capture the scene as elaborately as possible. They then pieced the events of the day very very magically - I am told that quite a few guests had tear-ed during the wedding dinner banquet when we screened the video.Service is excellent - these guys are fun to hang out with and are extremely accommodating to whatever requests that you may have of them. Have nothing but praises for their professionalism and am certain that they will continue to produce quality pieces of work for many more couples to come.All the best to BeyondPictures "

Alice Wang Ruiyuan

"Kai Xin 接待很專業,親切也懂得你想要的風格。文凱攝影師與他的助理很幽默,讓你在拍攝時不會緊張。婚紗側拍很像微電影,清新自然,賓客的印象很好!非常推薦,為婚禮增添色彩。"

Eesha Ke

"細心、專業的攝影團隊,不管是拍攝公司形象、廣告或是婚禮,他們會和客戶細細討論,為客戶量身打造理想的video, 我們也和Beyondpictures合作過,非常感謝他們拍攝的如此用心!強力推薦給大家.他們真的很棒哦!"



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