Wedding Ring Designs That Rock


Ah, the ring. Since the time of the pyramids these little circles of precious metal and gemstone have signified the everlasting promise of love eternal. Beyond that, you’ll wear your wedding bands for the rest of your life – like a football club, rings are a long-term investment. We always enjoy filming rings; they’re like a small window into the couple’s characters. After all, no one wears a ring they don’t like. To help inspire you, we’ve listed a few alluring elements from some of the rings we adore.

Colours and Shapes

Valent + Emily

Who says engagement rings always have to be white diamonds? A jewel that shines a different colour or is cut a different way never fails to catch our eye, and always puts our creative gear into overdrive. Picking just one option is a great method to add special flair without risking too much pizzazz.

Less is More

Seb DeniseMinimalist and elegant bands allow the gem to take centre stage – a very photogenic design. The very best of these strike a hard balance between looking classy and being unassuming.

But sometimes More is Even More

Hpu + HtetThese pull in the exact opposite direction of the minimalist style. Decorative heads, ornate flourishes, and sheer size make a distinct and one-of-a-kind statement about the people who wear them.

We know you’ll be proud of your ring, and we at BeyondPictures would love to give them the cinematic attention they deserve. As with everything in our films we take a tailored approach, crafting a shot that highlights their individual design and weaving it into your story. Show the world how special your rings really are – without even lifting a finger.