Wedding Videos – Definitely? Maybe?

Definitely. Here’s why.

You walk down the aisle, hand-in-hand with the one who means the world to you. Spotlights dazzle, the room thunders with applause, and you are more alive than you have ever been before.

“What if,” you think to yourself in-between the cheering and shouting, “I could hold on to this memory forever?”

Many couples come to us unsure about having a wedding video. Among the myriad of concerns, a few common ones tend to surface.

“I don’t think it’s that important; I probably won’t look at it after my wedding.” Most couples tell us.

Well… Why not? It’s your wedding! Wouldn’t it be great to relive the march-in, to listen to your vows once more, to see your family and friends again on that special day? Take it from us; your wedding day will pass in a flash. You might be busy making sure that everything runs smoothly (and you’ll be doing a great job too), but you could miss the little conversations and special touches that make your wedding truly unique to you. Wedding videography will help you capture the moments you saw, and the moments you didn’t. The best part? You can replay them whenever, as many times as you like.

One couple told us that they watched their wedding video again on their first anniversary,. They thanked us, saying that they were glad to have decided on video coverage for their wedding day. We think it’s that they decided to refresh the emotions and experiences they felt on that day, a year ago.

On that note, here’s something to think about. Perhaps, you might want to show you future kids your wedding video? The crazy things dad did at the gate crash, or how pretty mum looked in her wedding dress? With wedding videography, you memories will not only be preserved – they can be shared over and over again.

“But I already have photography coverage,” some say. “Isn’t that the same?”

Not really. Don’t get us wrong, photos are a great way to remember and share your wedding day. You can frame them on the wall, or keep them handy in you wallet, your phone, or on your fridge. But sometimes a still image can’t fully convey the emotion of an event. Photography and videography, as related as they seem to be, actually have different strengths and shortcomings. We don’t doubt that wedding photography is a must-have, but consider the advantage of also having video coverage.

A photo freezes the moment; a video captures the moment as it plays out.

With a still photo you can take a look at the strange concoction that the bridesmaids made for the gate crash, but a video allows you to hear how much the bridesmaids think the groomsmen will detest the potent potion of wasabi and bittergourd.

With a still photo, you can see your partner brimming with tears. With a video, you can relive the speech, the sentence, and the words, which moved them to tears.

A still photo shows that you took your vows. A video reminds you of the solemn promise you made on that day.

Whoever wrote that “A picture is worth a thousand words” probably hasn’t a video.

Another worry that couples have is a fear to pose for videos. “I don’t like to act. I’m camera shy.”

Put your inhibitions to rest; we will not send your wedding film for a Hollywood audition. We feel that the most important parts of a wedding are the unstaged emotions – the candid, unscripted banter you share with friends; the way your mum chokes back tears as she tells you she loves you, and the way you say “I love you too,” as you fight to hold your own. We do have photoshoot sessions (videoshoots, actually), but we use them to illustrate the beauty of the love you have for each other. We believe that it should never by a ‘must’ to pose or act. If you are ever uncomfortable with posing, tell your videographer. A good videographer knows that beauty can also be found in the natural moments.

“Video coverage sounds great, but I didn’t budget enough for videography. I’ve already spent a lot on gowns, venue and photo coverage.”

Think about it. It’s precisely because you’ve spent so much on your wedding that you should consider capturing it all on video. All the countless hours and savings spent preparing, planning, dreaming; why have your perfect day last a mere twenty-four hours? Why not keep it? Relive it? Share it? A good wedding video should make your effort, your memory, your jubilation, immortal. It should leave you wanting to re-watch years later. With your budget in mind, we highly recommend to choose a videographer that suits your style and your wallet.